On premise Servers

A lot of businesses today have a mixture of on premise and cloud technology.

On premise servers are still needed to run software that is not yet ready for cloud deployment.  We have been supplying and installing servers for many years so we are quickly able to assess how much computing power and data storage is required.

When should you consider replacing your server? It will not carry on indefinitely and will need to be replaced at the end of its working life. This may be because it lacks the power to deal with today’s needs or it is simply that old that the likelihood of complete and unexpected failure is a risk too far.

Should a wholesale move to the cloud not be feasible then a replacement server will be needed. Rather than simply supplying and deploying a replacement server, we would first look at your whole system and make recommendations for improvement. This could include moving some software to the cloud such as adopting Office 365 as well as assessing other in house needs.

If your server needs replacing let us tell you how we can help