IT Hardware

IT hardware continues to evolve at an ever faster rate with the promise of providing a platform that delivers more speed and flexibility than ever before.

A large part of any Technology Solution is the Hardware.  Whether it’s one laptop or a substantial hardware rollout the same criteria apply that ensure your business gets best value in both the short term and over the expected life of the equipment.

Here is what we look for before recommending hardware to be included in an overall IT Solution.

  • Specification – Does the equipment have the technical capability to deliver what is required?
  • Reliability – Does the equipment manufacturer have a track record of producing equipment that has minimum downtime over its expected life?
  • Support – In the event that technical issues arise with the equipment does the manufacturer have a responsive support team to resolve problems quickly?
  • Supply Chain – Does supply of the equipment involve a well managed supply chain that ensures timely supply and no delays in implementing an overall IT solution?
  • Cost – Is the cost of the equipment competitive?

With our many years of supplying IT hardware we know exactly what to look for. It is this experience that we believe will give you piece of mind that the equipment we recommend and supply will deliver best value for your business.

The IT Hardware we supply to your business optimises cost vs benefit